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WorkSmart is the app that helps you discover your strengths at work, overcome your challenges and build your career.
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Whether it's self-confidence at work, or overall self-confidence in life, we've designed the tools you need to flourish.

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Feel like co-workers and management don't understand you?

Learn how to navigate the interesting but tricky world of working relationships.

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Know your rights
at work

Some things that might be widely accepted as ‘normal’ at work are not legally allowed in reality.

Understand what you’re entitled to at work to make work a better place.

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Learn from people who are facing the same challenges and share your own helpful advice.


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People talking about WorkSmart



I was worried to talk with my boss about maternity leave. I’m happy there is a service like WorkSmart to help.



I’m happy WorkSmart exists. I love the idea because it’s a career coach for everyone, and not just a selected few.



WorkSmart gives the advice that I didn’t get at school or university. That’s what makes it different.