WorkSmart behind the scenes

March 2018: What is WorkSmart exactly?

March 29, 2018

This is the first in a series of blogs from the team developing WorkSmart.

We want to give you an insight into what we're doing, and what we're learning as we go along.

Over the last month we've focused on articulating exactly what WorkSmart is. That's meant looking at the landing page, the core quiz and how you will engage with the substance of the site (once we’ve built it!). We tested the proposition and prototypes face to face with thirteen users. And iterated and refined the proposition three times using feedback collected from those face-to-face interviews.

After that, we can now say WorkSmart offers “tailored packages to take control of your career today”.

The landing page got worked up in a few different designs by Naomi and when we showed our top two to a few people they really liked them.

We went through several versions of the quiz questions and what the results will be once you fill it in. We were really chuffed in testing when three people said “that’s me!” when they read their results. It definitely feels like we’re on the right track if users feel so seen.

The big idea of the month is packages. Content will be grouped through themes into packages. Some of the themes we’re playing with are motivation, your rights at work, boosting confidence and discovering your ideal career.

A few guiding principles have also emerged. Everyone leads such a busy life, we need to make sure what we offer is bitesize and ready when you are so you can fit it in whenever you have a spare five or ten minutes. We can’t demand hours of your time each day. We hope this approach will also help you feel like you’re making progress and stay motivated.

We’re pleased that feedback and demand has been consistently positive over this month. Looking ahead, we’ll start building the first release of the quiz, continue to build and test versions for the next features, and begin to capture email addresses and interest.